This blog is written and maintained by me, Niklas “Lani” Lagergren. I’m a 33 year old Systems Developer from Sweden. I’ve programmed computers since the age of 14, and I have always been drawn to technology in general.

In my daily job I mostly work with Microsoft products, such as Windows, Visual Studio, C#, SQL-Server, etc. But one summer I found myself totally out of inspiration for any personal computer projects. I had been trying some Linux on and off over the years, although I’ve always liked Linux it never stuck as my main operating system. But now I felt that I needed a new challenge, something that was new to me – although still computer related. So I set out to use Linux as my main desktop system at home and also to setup a Linux server that I would use as a DHCP and DNS server for our entire home (even though this functionality already existed in my D-Link router).

It was really fun and inspiring! I still use Ubuntu and Linux Mint as my main OSes at home, even if I still dual boot with Windows 7 and 8, I still need to keep up with these OSes because of my daily work. I also have a Windows Home Server setup at home, used as a media server and as storage and backup of digital photos.

So I created this blog when I setup that first Ubuntu 8.04 server at home. Mostly to record the process in case that I needed to do it again some day. Since then I’ve been amazed of the interest in my articles and of the kind responses in the comments! I’m definitely not a Linux expert. I rather count myself as a Linux hobbyist and I have very little real experience with Linux. I have however learned over the years, that sometimes someone who he himself that is a beginner on a subject better explains that subject to other beginners. My programming, networking and general computer skills have however helped me a lot when I have been getting started with Linux.

In part of my Linux experience I also set out to learn Ruby on Rails, and to build my own distribution with Linux From Scratch. Both which has been great experiences.

If you want to get in contact with me you do that most easily on twitter. I’m known as @Lani78 there as well. But if you have any questions regarding a blog post, then please use the comments field. That way many more people can benefit from the question.

Thank you for your interest in my blog,
Niklas “Lani” Lagergren